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 We specialize in corporate letting, catering to landlords and property owners like you. We connect your properties with businesses ready to pay a premium for the right spaces.
We’re the bridge between your property and corporate lessees. Our expertise ensures your property is matched with the right tenant. We analyze your property’s strengths and position it for maximum appeal
Partner with us to unlock your property’s earning potential. By tapping into the corporate market, you secure higher rental income and a more stable lease environment.
Connect with us today and take your property’s earnings to new heights through corporate letting.


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Bernard Asamoah

I can't thank Kent House Properties enough for their exceptional service in helping me let my property.

Ben Jarret

I'm truly grateful to Kent House Properties for swiftly selling my Bermondsey property for cash in just 7 days.

ALberta Arthur

I had an outstanding experience, they played a pivotal role in preventing the repossession of my property.

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